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Hard Rolling Tonneau Covers

Hard Rolling Tonneau Covers are an excellent choice if you're after a hard cover but don't want something that blocks your rear window when the cover is fully open. 

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Hard Rolling Tonneau Covers: A Great Compromise Between a Hard Folding and Soft Rolling Cover!

How Much Should I Pay for a Hard Rolling Truck Bed Cover?


Hard rolling tonneau covers are a relatively new addition to the tonneau cover market. They’re a great compromise between a hard folding cover and a soft rolling cover. And while they’re nice, they're not the cheapest option. Hard rolling covers will cost anywhere from $800 to over $1000, depending on the style and material.


If you are looking for a hard rolling cover on a budget, look to the entry-level brands like Gator. These are less expensive than the higher end models but often times have fewer features and less durability.

How Much of the Truck Bed Can I Access When the Cover is Open?


The biggest advantage of a hard rolling tonneau cover is the ability to access 100% of your truck bed when the cover is open. That’s huge for people that haul large items like dirt bikes and four wheelers. The other advantage is that hard rolling truck bed covers only cover the lower portion of your truck’s rear window when they’re fully open, so you retain the extra visibility. The disadvantage of this design is that the cover only has two driving positions—open and closed. Hard rolling tonneau covers don’t provide a partially open option.  

What Features Do Hard Rolling Tonneau Covers Offer?


Whether you are looking for a durable cover or one that's easy to use, you'll find hard roll up tonneau covers offer you many benefits. They offer increased security while keeping your cargo dry and out of sight.


Rolling tonneau covers can be expensive, but they offer you a lot of benefits. They are easy to use and can be rolled up to the end of the truck bed for easy storage. Many models can support up to 400 pounds of weight evenly distributed and are easy to install.

What Will a Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover Look Like on My Truck?


Hard rolling covers provide a sleek, low-profile look to your truck. The cover rails mount inside the bed rails of your truck which allows the cover to sit flush with the truck bed for an OEM look. Most of the hard rolling covers on the market will be made of aluminum slats that are covered with either a premium woven fabric like the Truxedo Sentry CT or a durably matte black vinyl like the BakFlip Revolver X4s. 

Will a Hard Rolling Truck Bed Cover Improve My Fuel Mileage?


Choosing the right truck bed cover is one of the best ways to improve the fuel economy of your vehicle. The truck bed is where you have to work against wind drag. If you can reduce that drag, you will reduce the pressure on your engine and you will also get better fuel economy.


Truck bed covers can improve the fuel economy of your vehicle by a few percent. It's not a huge amount, but it does add up. It can mean savings of as much as a few hundred dollars per year.

What Material is Best for a Hard Rolling Truck Bed Cover?


Unlike other covers there really aren't a ton of options when it comes to the materials a typical hard rolling cover is made from. All of the name brand hard rolling covers on the market today feature interlocking aluminum slats that allow the cover to roll up while retaining rigidity. The slats are then covered with a premium woven fabric or a durable matte black vinyl. Both materials look great, are easy to clean and are designed to last.

Are Hard Rolling Truck Bed Covers Difficult to Install?

Although not as easy to install as a soft folding or soft rolling tonneau cover, hard rolling tonneau covers are still very easy to install and can be completed in under an hour by a single person. You'll need basic tools like a screwdriver, ratchet and socket set. The rails for the cover clamp to your truck bed with bolt-on aluminum clamps. The cover is then bolted to a flange on the rails to secure it in place. There is no drilling or cutting so there won't be any lasting damage to your truck from the installation process. Always make sure to measure your truck bed before ordering any tonneau cover. The wrong size cover will make installation impossible.

How Much Weight Can a Hard Rolling Cover Hold?


Most of today's hard folding truck bed covers are designed to hold 400 lbs. evenly distributed. What does that mean? Essentially it means the cover is designed to handle loads that are dispersed over a wide are. This would include things like a heavy snow load. People always ask "Can I stand on it?" The short answer is no. Hard rolling tonneau covers aren't designed to be walked on and will break if you choose to do so.


Do Hard Rolling Tonneau Covers Lock?


Much like a hard folding tonneau cover, hard rolling tonneau covers can only be accessed if your truck's tailgate is down. That means if your tailgate is locked your cover is locked. It's a great design that eliminates the need for yet another key on your keychain. And you're not out of luck if your tailgate doesn't lock. A company called Pop N Lock manufactures locking tailgate handles for virtually every truck on the market. They're easy to install and can be purchased for under $100.


Can I Drive on The Highway with my Cover Open?


Yes, all hard rolling truck bed covers are safe to drive with open at freeway speeds. A typical design integrates a buckle and strap towards the cab of the truck. This system allows the cover to be locked to itself for safe high driving at high speeds. Hard rolling tonneau covers can only be operated in two positions when or closed. Never drive with your cover partially open as it can and most likely will damage the cover, your truck, someone else's vehicle or worst case scenario all three.


Are Hard Rolling Truck Bed Covers Waterproof?


Hard rolling tonneau covers are water resistant, but ultimately no tonneau cover is 100% waterproof. Most models will let a few drips of water in through gaps in the tailgate or bulkhead but the water is minimal and shouldn't be enough to damage your cargo. Many models will include a drain system that can be run through the factory drain plugs in your truck bed. This feature helps channel any water that penetrates the cover rails out of the truck bed and away from your valuable cargo.

Check out our list of the top rated hard rolling tonneau covers below!

Truxedo Sentry CT Tonneau Cover
1. TruXedo Sentry CT Tonneau Cover

Using the latest in design and technology, TruXedo's Sentry CT Hard Roll-up is a truck bed cover that offers the security of a retractable cover in the form of a hard roll-up tonneau cover. Designed to fit most truck bed sizes; this tonneau cover offers the best of both worlds. It's lightweight, easy to install and remove, and offers an attractive matte black finish. The Sentry CT also comes with four-point dual slam-latch locks, which help keep thieves at bay.


The Sentry CT is designed to be very easy to install. Side rails are built to fit your truck bed and feature a self-leveling design that ensures an even appearance. The rails also have 15-degree angling that allows for an ultra-low profile look. They're also designed to keep stake pockets from being obstructed.


Another advantage of the Sentry CT is its impressive material. The cover is made from 5-layer polyester and vinyl fabric that has been tested for durability and resistance to the elements. It's also resistant to UV rays and has been shown to withstand temperatures from -40 degrees to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This material will keep its clean look longer than standard vinyl covers. and also prevents mold and mildew from growing. The fabric also boasts Velcro brand fasteners, which will make installation and removal a breeze.


The Truxedo Sentry CT has an extra security latch in the center, which provides improved cargo protection. The woven material keeps the aluminum slats beneath it from being misaligned. And the cover boasts a quick release system that allows for the cover to be quickly removed without tools.


The Sentry CT features an aerodynamic design, which helps increase fuel efficiency. The cover also features a special third crossbar that allows the truck owner to tie down cargo or attach accessories. It's also made from the same aluminum as the rack. This allows the cover to hold up to 400 pounds of evenly distributed weight.

BaK Revolver X4s Tonneau Cover
2. BakFlip Revolver X4s Tonneau Cover

Designed to enhance the look of your truck bed, the BAK Revolver X4s Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover is a great choice. The BAK Revolver X4s features a sleek matte black finish and an integrated bulkhead seal. It is backed by a 5-year warranty that covers defects in material and workmanship. You can install it with a few basic hand tools, making it a convenient addition to your truck.


The Revolver X4s cover has a heavy-duty vinyl top layer that provides a sleek look, while also providing excellent weather resistance. It features an aluminum underbody and smooth side rail seals. It is also secured with durable straps and buckles. Its unique design ensures that it stays securely locked while driving. When closed, the cover locks into place with the patented rotational rail system. This is made possible by the heavy-duty aluminum slats. They provide added strength and provide full bed access. They also provide an added layer of security to your truck bed, making it safer than other types of tonneau covers.


The BAK Revolver X4S is an easy to install truck bed cover that can be rolled up in seconds. This hard roll up tonneau cover features interlocking aluminum slats that provide strength and security. The slats are powder coated matte black to provide an appealing look and are also capped to protect you while operating the tonneau.


This tonneau cover features a low profile design that prevents wind drag and improves fuel efficiency. It also has an integrated automatic slam latch that allows the cover to be opened from either side of the truck. The cover features a durable strap and buckle system that secures the cover in place.


The Revolver X4S has a number of innovative features that you won't find on other tonneau covers. It features an integrated safety slat cap to protect you when you are loading or unloading your cargo. It also features a pull cable release and a simple string latch that allows you to open and close the cover from the front or rear of your truck. It also features rear corner caps and a finish that complements your truck's appearance. It is easy to install and is designed to match your truck's OEM accessories.

Gator HR1 Tonneau Cover
3. Gator HR1 Tonneau Cover

Gator is a relatively new manufacturer in the tonneau cover space but they’ve quickly gained traction in the market due to their quality truck bed covers and ultra-competitive pricing.


The Gator HR1 hard rolling tonneau cover gives you full access to your bed without without blocking your rear window like a hard folding tonneau cover. This cover also features a heavy-duty vinyl tarp that keeps your belongings dry and a waterproof seal to keep water out. It also has an overlapping tailgate seal that keeps your cargo safe from water and snow.


Made from powder coated aluminum and premium grade vinyl, the Gator HR1 is strong and durable. It's made to withstand up to 400 pounds of evenly distributed weight and features pressure-bonded slats for extra strength.


The Gator HR1 tonneau cover is easy to install and boasts a flush, OEM look. It has hook-and-loop fasteners that help secure the cover to the rails of your bed and integrates a slam latch in the middle, which allows you to open and close the cover from either side of the truck.


The Gator HR1 tonneau covers come with a three-year warranty which is backed by Gator's excellent customer service. Overall, it’s a great choice for truck owners who want a high-quality, durable tonneau cover. It’s easy to use and its interlocking aluminum slats provide strong defense against the elements.

Bak Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover
4. BakFlip Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover

Among the plethora of tonneau covers out there, the BakFlip Revolver X2 hard rolling truck bed cover is a great choice when it comes to providing your truck bed with maximum protection and versatility. The X2 consists of an interlocking, all aluminum frame with a weather-resistant seal. Its clever design includes an automatic rotational locking rail that allows the cover to roll up to the cab with one hand. Not only is it a solid, sturdy cover, but it also lets you utilize every inch of your truck's bed and is easy to install.


Aside from its impressive design, the BAK Revolver X2 features a number of other noteworthy features, including a weather-resistant seal that protects your cargo from the elements and a durable vinyl cover that's super easy to clean and looks great on your truck.


The BAK Revolver X2 is the ideal solution for anyone looking to get the most from their truck. Aside from its patented rotational locking rails, the Revolver X2 features mechanical and composite locking blocks that keep your cargo secure. It also  boasts a 'no profile' design that ensures a clean, OEM look for your truck.


Installation is easy and can be completed in 30 minutes to an hour. You’ll need basic hand tools to complete the installation including a ratchet, socket set and screwdriver. Simply clamp the tonneau cover rails to the bed rails of your truck. Then bolt the cover to the tonneau cover rails. It’s fast, easy and can be done without prior automotive experience.


The BakFlip Revolver X2 is made in the USA and comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty. BakFlip customer service is among the best on the market and their wait time is typically minimal.

Truxedo Sentry CT Tonneau Cover
5. Truxedo Sentry Tonneau Cover

Whether you want to keep the interior of your truck looking clean and organized, or simply want to protect your cargo from theft, a TruXedo Sentry hard roll up tonneau cover can provide the security you need. This type of cover is designed to offer a clean, seamless appearance with the strength of black powder-coated aluminum slats. It also includes an extra security latch located in the center to ensure that your cargo remains safe.

This cover is made to withstand extreme temperatures, providing excellent protection against rain, snow, and other types of inclement weather. The top layer of the fabric is waterproof and UV-resistant, ensuring that your cargo stays protected even when the weather gets wet. It also features a top-of-the-line hook and loop system that keeps the cover in place and allows for continuous contact between the rails and the cover.

The Truxedo Sentry hard roll up tonneau cover is designed to protect your cargo from rain and snow while giving you full access to the bed. The slats are made of thick, durable aluminum and are pressure bonded with a leather-grain vinyl fabric. The slats are designed to be rolled up tightly so that they will not interfere with your rear view visibility. They are also designed to roll up straight to create a clean, smooth look. The slats also feature Velcro brand fasteners on the sides to make installation easy. The cover is easy to roll up and remove when you are not using it.

This cover features self-leveling rails for easy installation. The rails are designed to fit directly onto the rails of your truck bed, eliminating the need for drilling. They also feature built-in lips to ensure that they are square with the rails of your bed. This means that they stay flush with the rails of your truck, ensuring that the cover rolls up evenly.

Designed to hold up to 400 lbs. evenly distributed, the Truxedo Sentry cover features a woven material that keeps the slats in place when the cover is rolled up. The cover can also be secured with safety straps for added protection.

The Sentry hard roll up tonneau also features a quick-release system for easy removal. This cover is designed for easy installation and removal, and it is built to last. The slam latches are designed to give you added security and the cover is backed by a three-year warranty. You can install this cover on most major models of trucks.

Rugged Ridge Aramis Tonneau Cover
6. Rugged Ridge Armis Hard Roll Up Tonneau Cover

Having a Hard Roll Up Tonneau Cover for your Jeep Gladiator provides a secure and stylish way to protect your cargo. Designed to provide maximum protection, the Rugged Ridge Armis hard roll up cover is crafted from quality materials, ensuring that it will stand up to even the harshest conditions.

Rugged Ridge manufactures a variety of truck bed covers for the Jeep Gladiator. The Armis Hard Rolling Bed Cover, for example, is made from high-quality woven fabric, bonded to matte black aluminum slats. It features an anodized trigger latch, a quick-release system, and a flush mount look. 

The Armis Hard Rolling Bed Cover offers a sleek design, along with excellent visibility out of the rear window. The cover is made from heavy-duty aluminum slats, which ensures durability and excellent protection. It also features rear latches for added security. 

The Armis Hard Rolling Bed is available in a Soft Rolling version, which features an Automatic Tension Control system that maintains a snug fit in all climates. It is also made from high-quality woven fabric, which provides excellent protection. The cover also features an anodized trigger latch, which makes it easy to open and close. 

Keep in mind, the Armis hard rolling truck bed cover is only designed for the Jeep Gladiator and will not fit other trucks. If you don't have Gladiator you'll need to go with another option like the BakFlip Revolver X4s or the Truxedo Sentry CT.

BAK Revolver X4ts Tonneau Cover
7. BakFlip Revolver X4ts Rolling Tonneau Cover

If you carry bulky items like kayaks, rooftop tents or construction materials the Bak Revolver X4ts tonneau cover could be the perfect fit for your truck. The X4ts is a hard rolling tonneau cover that is identical to the Revolver X4s but features built-in t-slot channels in the tonneau cover rails. The t-slot gives you the flexibility to add racks and cargo carriers like the Elevate Rack System from Truxedo.

If you​ end up using the Elevate Rack System, installation is quick and straightforward. Simply slide the t-bolts into the slot on the rail then attach the upright to the t-bolts. The process is very similar to install the load bars. Just slide another set of t-bolts into the load bar and secure it to the upright. 

Of course, the X4ts includes all the features of the X4s including a marine-grade vinyl top supported by all aluminum slats, a full 5-year warranty and a rolling design that allows you to see out your back window with the cover fully open. The major drawback to this cover is the cost. Priced around $1400, the Revolver X4ts comes in as the most expensive hard rolling cover on the market which is why we ranked it lower on our list.

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